I visited Sicily recently and can say without a doubt it is one of the most vibrant islands I've visited in Europe. It is situated right off the boot of Italy and offers endless exploring opps for a travel junkie such as myself. We started in Taormina, a sought out destination since the 19th century situated on the east coast of the island and home to the beautiful Isola Bella, a tiny island known as the "Pearl of on the Ionian sea". We trekked to the pitquresque spot atop a cliff to the authentic village Castelmola. On a clear day the views sweeps down over the village of Taormina below, across the coast and towards the active volcano Mount Etna. We also visited the quiet hilltop village of Savoca, which also happens to be the setting for the Italian scenes of "The Godfather". We explored every bit of the island by car and foot that we could and felt like we completely dominated Sicily, hence the name "Queens of Sicily".

We finished off the trip in Catania but the photos from that are worth a separate blog entry all on their own.. You'll see why and can find them on the blog here

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